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20: Regenerative Medicine with Josiah Smith

Oct 21, 2019 | Season 1, Uncategorized


Today we welcome our guest, Josiah Smith, of Holistic Hormone Solutions!  Josiah has cared for over 120,000 patients in his 21-year medical career, where he has learned that addressing underlying imbalances at the cellular level is of upmost importance in optimizing the human potential to thrive. He has incorporated nutrition, stress management, exercise, sleep, hormone optimization, regenerative peptide therapy, and disruptive health technologies to help his patients.  In this episode we will be discussing some of the latest and greatest therapies in regenerative medicine, and some insight into the future of medicine. 

1:20 Welcome!
1:50 Meet our guest: Josiah Smith
2:10 Josiah’s Bio
3:52 His personal experience
4:15 Grounding Mat for sleep
6:10 STAT: United States healthcare vs health outcomes
7:45 His experience with stress on his health
9:20 The future of medicine for managing pain
12:00 Personalizing medicine
12:42 What exactly is Regenerative Medicine?
13:57 In vitro pregnancy & children
15:00 Debate/Controversy
19:00 Josiah’s response to: “Is it Worth the Money?”
21:30 Pros/Cons about Stem Cells
27:30 The most popular reasons for doing regenerative therapies
29:12 Renee’s Experience: The Vampire Facial
30:35 How it Makes You Hotter
31:25 Lauren’s Experience: BP-157 & TB-500
32:58 Benefits of Peptides
34:20 Josiah’s Experience: The P-Shot
35:07 Finding a Stem Cell or Peptide Practitioner
36:42 Dr. Sambataro’s Experience
39:17 Erectile Dysfunction & Performance
40:03 Q&A: #1
40:27 Josiah’s Top 3 Peptides & the benefits
44:02 Q&A: #2
44:23 Associations & International Regulations
46:20 Josiah’s closing comments
47:39 Thanks for joining us!

Josiah Smith – Holistic Hormone Solutions
Grounding Mat
How to Use BPC-157
Brain-Gut Axis & BPC-157
American Academy of Anti-Aging
International Peptide Society
More Info on Regenerative Medicine – Dr. Mercola Interview

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