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160: Just the Babes: Our Raw, Honest Opinions about Supplements, Tech and Biohacking Products

Aug 29, 2022 | Season 3


We've had the opportunity to interview incredible experts in the field this year and have discussed many different biohacking products, tools, and therapies, so today we are doing a recap for you! We're sharing our honest opinions on these different products, as well as our personal experiences and recommendations. Think of this as an overview of the podcast for 2022 so far and for a deeper dive, check out the individual podcast episodes below.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

2:05 Sharing our honest opinions

3:19 The main pillars of health

5:09 Sleep as our top priority

5:33 HVMN Ketones for Sleep

9:57 Ketones for fasting

12:34 The AmpCoil for Sleep

15:05 Renee’s AmpCoil experience

16:45 What AmpCoil looks & feels like

21:43 Hydrogen Water for Gut Health

24:09 Getting started with hydrogen

26:03 Paleo Valley for Gut Health

27:33 The problem with most greens powders

28:27 Regenerative Farming & Clean Sourcing

31:28 *Felix Gray Ad*

36:17 Nootropics & Brain Health

37:14 Nootopia supplement stacks

39:57 Neuroinflammation & Supporting the basics

41:45 Mental Reboot for detoxification

43:39 BrainTap Device for Brain Health

46:12 Can we achieve optimal brain wave states without?

48:16 The research on kids with BrainTap

49:30 Gwella / Mojo Functional Mushrooms

50:51 An alternative or transition into Microdosing

52:05 How to Change Your Mind docu-series

53:05 Hanu Health for Resiliency & Stress

56:04 The power of breath work for change

57:40 Why it’s for everyone

1:00:08 Circadian Rhythm & Jet Lag

1:00:40 LumiRam Healthy Lighting

1:01:27 Renee’s story about home lighting

1:03:30 Mollie McGlocklin & Sleep resources

1:04:10 Biohacks for Fasting

1:05:48 Peptides for Hormones, Skin, Hair, and more

1:08:13 Lauren’s experience with Sermorelin

1:09:17 BioProtein & HGH – Dustin Baker

1:11:09 Wrapping up this conversation

1:12:07 Thanks for tuning in!


HVMN Ketones – Michael Brandt

Ep 149: HVMN Ketones & Metabolic Health

Save 10% with Code: BIOHACKERBABES


AmpCoil – Freddie Kimmel

Biohacker Babes / AmpCoil Webinar

Ep 140: The Self-Healing Body & Frequency Therapies



Synergy Science Hydrogen Water – Dr Paul Barratiero

Ep 151: Reclaiming Your Health with Hydrogen Water



Paleo Valley – Autumn Smith

Ep 126: The Paleo Valley Solution

Save 15% with link above


Nootopia: Test Your Neurochemical Superpowers

Ep 156: Optimizing Your Neurochemistry with Nootopia

Discount Code: biohackerbabes10


BrainTap – Dr. Patrick Porter

Ep 141: Biohacking Neuroplasticity, Intuition & Addiction with BrainTap


Gwella / Mojo – Peter Reitano

Ep 132: Mushrooms for the Modern World

How to Change Your Mind – Netflix documentary series


Hanu Health – Dr. Jay Wiles

Ep 139: HRV Biofeedback & Stress Resiliency with Hanu Health

Discount Code: BABES40


LumiRam Healthy Lighting – Talia Ram

Ep 153: Biohack Your Lighting for Vibrant Health


Blokes & Joi Wellness – Josh Whalen

Ep 134: Men's Hormones, Peptides, and Owning Your Own Health


Gapin Institute – Dr. Tracy Gapin

Ep 138: Optimizing Testosterone & Male Hormones


Aseir Custom – Jay Campbell

Ep 128: Supporting Hair Loss with Peptides


Dr. Jay’s 6-Week Peptide Course


BioProtein – Dustin Baker

Ep 158: Human Growth Hormone & Metabolic Function

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Felix Gray Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses

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