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192: Zenchronicities & Plant Medicines as Divine Teachers & Healers with Megan & Nicole of Zenchronicity

Apr 24, 2023 | Season 3


We are thrilled to share this sister-sister conversation with Nicole and Megan Michelena, the “Zenchronicity Sisters”! They share their personal discoveries of plant medicines, how Human Design can provide guidance in life, the inspiration behind their mission, where they see the future of psychedelics, the importance of supporting the body first, and more.

Megan and Nicole Michelena are Microdosing Institute certified mental health experts specializing in psychedelic medicine. They are sisters and the founders of Zenchronicity, a plant medicine microdosing mentorship program that supports healing through psilocybin. Megan is also a certified holistic nutritionist, health coach, and both are trauma-informed yoga teachers and experts in psychedelic medicine. They are also precious stone jewelry makers, crystal experts and Megan is a gifted astrologer. They have been featured in Forbes, Authority Magazine, Psychedelic Spotlight,, Yahoo!, Bustle, Best Life Online, and together they host the Zenchronicity Podcast.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

1:23 Pop Quiz of the Day

2:50 Today’s “sister-sister” episode

4:16 About Megan & Nicole of Zenchronicity

5:03 Welcome them to the podcast

6:15 What is “Zenchronicity”?

7:11 Childhood history

9:53 Megan’s experience with Rapé

13:12 “Don’t should on me”

14:25 Their relationship with medicine then vs now

16:02 The inspiration for their company

17:16 Where should most people start?

20:58 Human Design Types 

28:12 Understanding Self

32:10 Night-capping with Microdosing 

33:07 Renee’s experience with burnout

33:35 Advice for Burnout

34:43 Hedonism vs Stoicism & Yin vs Yang

36:44 Stop people-pleasing

40:29 *Sleep Breakthrough*

42:13 Protocols are different for everyone

44:28 Neuroplasticity & rewiring the brain

47:00 The Third Wave & God’s plan

49:35 Lauren’s experience with choice

50:35 What they foresee for the future

54:52 The First & Second Waves

57:55 Macrodosing studies

1:00:18 Vicious cycle of neuroinflammation

1:01:41 Supporting healthy bodies

1:06:19 Sugar addictions

1:07:32 The Body Keeps the Score

1:14:36 A little bit of sister love

1:18:02 Their final piece of advice

1:19:46 Where to find them

1:21:45 Thanks for tuning in!


Website: Zenchronicity

Instagram: Zenchronicity Sisters

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