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194: Lengthen Your Healthspan & Do Not Age with Behavioral, Nutritional and Supplement Strategies

May 8, 2023 | Season 3


Today we are talking about extending our healthspan & longevity with Alan Graves, the CEO of Do Not Age! He shares his thoughts on the Longevity Escape Velocity theory, which is the idea that one's remaining life expectancy will be extended longer than the time that is passing. Some experts claim we will be there by 2036, although Alan disagrees! We dive into some of the top anti-aging nutrients on the market such as NMN, Resveratrol, Apigenin, and SIRT-6, as well as the important lifestyle factors that will support a long healthy life.

Alan Graves is the CEO of, a global health research organization and the largest NMN supplier in the world.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

1:55 Pop Quiz of the Day

4:15 Today’s interview topic

6:56 Alan Graves’ Bio

7:18 Welcome him to the podcast

8:15 His goal for longevity & definition of health

9:54 Thoughts on “Longevity Escape Velocity Theory”

11:53 What behavioral choices are the most powerful?

12:47 Advice on diet, macros & micronutrients

14:19 Hormetic Stressors, ie: Resveratrol

15:14 Supplements vs Diet

17:01 Offsetting jet lag with Creatine & NMN

19:35 Stem Cells

20:52 Testing with Do Not Age

21:33 NAD Explained

23:10 Lauren & Renee’s experience with NAD

24:19 NAD vs NMN vs NR

26:36 Do we need to supplement forever?

28:11 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

30:15 The importance of supplement routines

33:05 Benefits & Dosing for Resveratrol

35:05 What are Sirloins?

38:24 Sirt-6 & Cancer [see video for study]

42:05 What one supplement will help us live forever?

42:31 *LightPath LED*

45:46 Avoiding medical advice

46:49 Long-term need for support

47:17 Supplementing with TMG

49:02 Starter Pack & Quercitin

51:18 DoNotAge Quality & Sourcing

55:50 How to get started

58:33 His final piece of advice

59:24 Thanks for tuning in!


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