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246: Gut Healing & Regeneration with Dr. Grace Liu

May 20, 2024 | Season 3


In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Grace Liu, the founder of The Gut Institute, to delve into the intricacies of gut health and its paramount importance. She brings her extensive expertise to the table, sharing vital insights on why addressing gut health should be a top priority for overall well-being. Dr. Grace also shares top peptides to use, how to fix leaky gut, the role of different probiotics like Akkermansia, histamine intolerance, and more. Tune in to learn how you can optimize your gut health!

Dr. Grace Liu PharmD is an IFM-trained functional medicine practitioner and founder of The Gut Institute. She is a clinical pharmacist with a doctorate in practice for 20+ years and specializes in complex disease management. Dr. Liu consults and helps clients gain optimal performance through rebuilding the microbiome after damage from modern living. She uses nutrigenomic tools and other advanced functional lab testing to give the solutions, strategies and treatments that reverse modern gut dysbiosis and disease. 


0:51 Welcome to the show!

3:55 Dr. Grace Liu’s Bio

4:27 Welcome her to the podcast!

5:43 Why are we still overlooking gut health?

7:25 About BPC-157 Peptide

8:41 Optimizing the basics first

10:45 Vitamin D-Gut Connection

11:39 Fixing gut permeability

14:58 Addressing parasite exposure

16:14 Leaky Gut Procol

19:34 Gut testing options

23:32 Long COVID Protocols

26:32 Do you have a parasite?

31:18 AMPs (Peptides) & Probiotics

34:53 Benefits of Akkermansia

37:19 Mast Cell & Histamines

40:47 Adrenal Protocols & markers of stress

42:21 Benefits of warmer body temperatures

46:23 Binders for supporting detox

49:02 Blue Zone diets & dietary starches

51:03 Oxalates, yeast & molds

55:40 Stimulating oxytocin & vagal tone

59:00 Getting drunk off bread

1:01:16 Balancing the immune system & histamine overload

1:10:42 Where to find her

1:12:34 Her final piece of advice

1:14:08 Thanks for tuning in!


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