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25: Holiday Health Hacks

Nov 25, 2019 | Season 1, Uncategorized


Many people fall off their healthy routine during the holidays and say, “I’ll just start over on January 1st.” We don’t want you to throw in the towel and give up for the next 2 months! While it may not be ideal to implement new healthy habits or lose weight during the holidays, we can at least maintain what we’ve already worked so hard for.


1:21 Welcome to our final episode of 2019!

2:12 Getting ready for the holiday season

2:50 Who is this for?

3:53 How it makes you hotter

5:30 Sharing biohacking tips with friends & family

6:13 Debate/Controversy

7:55 It's ok to say “no”

8:48 Being social during the holidays

9:08 Our favorite tips

12:24 Setting your personal food rules

13:50 Healthy snacks

15:25 Immune-boosting remedies

15:56 Top food tips

18:33 Mindful eating

19:55 Saying “no” to Food Pushers

21:54 Lauren's zero-caffeine experiment

23:50 Every day is a new day

25:19 Thanksgiving & Christmas Day weight gain

25:43 Sugar addiction

26:20 Paleo & Keto Recipes

28:10 More on sugar…

29:44 Tips on alcohol

30:21 Non-alcoholic alternatives

32:52 Our favorite topic: sleep!

34:42 Practicing mindfulness

36:48 Keep moving

37:17 Using HRV to test morning recovery

39:17 You can't burn off the pie

40:27 Lauren’s favorite hack

42:23 Renee’s favorite hack

43:57 Q&A

48:11 Cleanest types of alcohol from best to worst

49:24 Q&A cont'd

54:12 That's a wrap for 2019!


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Crook & Marker

Lauren's Holiday Health Hacks Guide

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU: 21-Day January Challenge

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