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46: Women’s Biohacking Movement with Dasha Maximov

May 18, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


In Part 2 with Dasha Maximov, we're diving into the world of research on Women's Health and what the future may hold, as well as hot topics such as fasting, birth control pills, and Fem Tech.

1:22 Welcome to the show!
1:51 Lack of research for women
2:28 Welcome back, Dasha!
3:35 WhealthCo & Women’s Biohacking Collective
5:34 The issues with research
7:56 Women are complicated
9:04 Women prohibited from research
10:19 The Women's Health Initiative
12:07 Evolution of women's health
12:43 Fem Tech starting to boom
13:37 Clue App for tracking cycle
14:25 Biohacking & Integration
16:01 The future of women's health
16:27 Outsourcing our health
17:15 Education & testing for ourselves
18:20 Fasting for women
19:05 Renee's story about hormones & fasting
19:54 Hypothetical women’s fasting challenge
21:48 Focus on the individual first
22:15 Getting involved with WhealthCo
24:50 Bringing women together
25:54 Concerns with birth control
26:32 The conversation we should be having
27:50 Balancing scientific research with personal experience
28:38 Renee's experience 
30:47 You are not your symptoms
33:00 We can all look up to each other
35:59 Dasha's one piece of advice 
37:17 Where to find Dasha online
37:42 Thanks for tuning in!

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