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47: Kettlebells & Minimalism with John Parker

Jun 1, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


John Parker shares his passion for functional holistic health, strength and conditioning, and creating self-dependence & resiliency in today's social environment. His background as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, StrongFirst & Barbell Instructor, and a CHEK Exercise & Lifestyle Coach, provides a wide-array of knowledge within the health & wellness field.  Tune in to learn how he finds inspiration, his experience with minimalism minimum-effective dose, and unique approach to coaching for a better lifestyle and healthier habits.

1:22 Welcome to the Show!
1:47 John's Bio
3:06 What Johns has been up to in Quarantine!
5:41 His journey into health & wellness
7:45 Consistency with healthy habits
9:02 CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Program
9:16 Teachings of Paul Chek
10:20 “Walking the Walk”
12:11 Using concrete examples for coach success
13:29 Minimalism & keeping it simple
16:15 Perfect vs Imperfect program
17:52 His training approach and 'elevator speech'
18:48 Simplicity in strength-training
20:56 Why he chooses Kettlebells
22:05 MED (Minimum Effective Dose)
22:54 His 20-minute workout
24:13 GPP (General-Physical Preparedness)
26:14 His background playing sports
28:11 Dancer & Glute training
28:48 Balancing movement patterns
29:37 Renee's back injury
31:09 Hypo vs Hyper-Mobility
33:24 Movement assessments
36:50 Motivation & inspiration for change
37:17 Ido Portal Method
40:28 His daily routine
44:03 Vitamin D homework
45:01 Getting enough calories
46:31 Dosing protein intake
48:16 Deciphering “what works for you”
49:49 Importance of animal protein
51:05 Unexplained symptoms
55:43 John's one piece of advice for today
57:30 His podcast: Vital Metabolic
59:08 Where you can find him
59:28 Thanks for tuning in!

CHEK Institute
Vital Metabolic Podcast
Instagram: John Parker
Instagram: Vital Metabolic
Facebook: John Jeffrey Parker

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