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28: Meditation and Plant Medicine with Dr. Michael DiMarco

Jan 20, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


Join us as we explore the practice of mediation with Dr. Michael DiMarco. He shares his favorite hacks and tips for anyone new to meditation as well as his favorite type of breath work. We also dive into the topic of plant medicine, including ayahuasca, and his experience in Costa Rica as a student and a teacher.

1:22 Welcome!

1:41 Our guest Dr. DiMarco

3:24 Why focus on brain health?

6:05 Attracting people that want to change

6:52 His favorite biohacking tool

7:40 Why meditation doesn’t help everyone

8:14 Optimal time for meditation

9:15 How to know when it’s enough

9:50 Free guided meditation

11:14 How to hack your meditation!

12:28 SOMA Breathwork

13:10 His journey into meditation

14:10 How you can get started

15:04 The importance of breathwork

16:47 Body awareness

19:26 Ayahuasca & Plant Medicine

20:12 Rythmia, Costa Rica

21:56 Looking outside of yourself for the answers

23:10 Why people do Ayahuasca over and over again

25:45 Plant medicine & brain neuroplasticity

26:16 Co-creating with yourself

27:22 Disneyland analogy

28:34 Step back and see the big picture

31:03 5-MeO-DMT

33:25 How to know when you’re ready for plant medicine

35:08 Book: Autobiography of a Yogi

36:28 Why it’s ok to sit and do nothing

37:54 Where to find Dr. DiMarco!

38:50 One piece of advice from Dr. DiMarco

40:35 Thanks for joining us!


Free Guided Meditation

Autobiography of a Yogi

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