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30: Nootropics with Dan Freed & Adam Greenfeld

Feb 3, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized



1:21 Welcome to the show!
1:46 Today’s guests
2:21 Dan Freed’s Bio
3:05 Adam Greenfeld’s Bio
3:45 Dan's Story
10:14 How Adam found Nootropics
11:20 Adam’s Story
12:25 How Adam knew that Nootropics worked
13:56 Personalizing nootropics & supplements
15:15 Clinical studies on nootropics
19:02 Exactly what are nootropics?
20:10 Are they a food or a supplement?
20:40 Nootropics & Neurotransmitters
21:53 Sleep deprivation
23:15 How soon can one feel the effects?
23:52 What can you expect to feel?
25:30 Lauren’s experience with FindMyFormula
26:45 The difference between FindMyFormula and other products
28:03 How to find which formula works best for you
29:48 No pill can fix sleep deprivation
30:54 How to make the best of your situation
32:07 Contraindications for nootropics
32:26 Different needs for every customer
33:07 With and without caffeine
34:00 Process of approving ingredients
34:14 Dangers of caffeine
37:32 Hollywood’s portrayal of nootropics
38:50 Side effects of nootropics?
39:40 Can they make you smarter?
40:50 Using nootropics for making resolutions
44:21 Integrating community with habit-forming
46:46 Adam’s one piece of advice for takeaway
50:02 Dan’s one piece of advice for takeaway

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