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32: Interview with The Brain Brothers

Feb 17, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


The co-founders of Memento, also known as the Brain Brothers, take us through their 7 pillars of health as it relates to brain health and discuss how we can prevent cognitive decline. Joseph and Chris Claussen's vision in creating Memento is to innovate and bring to market products that can be incorporated into our daily routines that will support the lifestyle of longterm cognitive strength. They are on a mission to share what they've learned about brain health and lifestyle changes with people around the world.


1:21 Welcome to the show!

1:35 Today’s Guests!

4:25 ApoE4 Gene

5:54 Ignoring signs of cognitive decline

7:39 A woman’s disease

8:39 Helping your loved ones

9:39 Brain games & puzzles

10:28 MEMENTO acronym

11:41 Memento movie

12:22 All 7 Pillars of Health

12:50 Joseph’s mindfulness practice

14:12 Gratitude for waking up

14:52 Chris’ habit stacking

16:05 “The 5am Club”

17:24 Our sleep chronotypes

18:25 Why exercise affects the brain

20:20 Joseph & Chris’ cross-country adventure

20:51 Avoiding excuses and setting practical goals

22:47 Memento Brain supplement

24:12 Memento’s unique ingredients

28:46 Habit stacking & compliance

29:51 Getting the right type of fish oil

31:02 Why sleep is so essential

32:07 How the negative can add up over time

33:14 Chicken or the egg: sleep vs dementia

35:16 There’s no one perfect diet

36:23 Tracking sleep

38:01 Snore story

38:55 Joseph’s Keto story

39:33 Chris’ Keto story

41:48 Keto pizza & donuts

42:40 The togetherness principle

44:50 Finding your purpose

46:37 Metabolic Health Summit

47:00 Chris’ big takeaway from MHS

47:58 Extended fasts and telomere length

48:54 Joseph’s big takeaway from MHS

50:38 Joseph’s one piece of advice for today

50:48 Chris’ one piece of advice for today

51:29 Brain Brothers new podcast!

53:56 Thanks for joining us!



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