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35: The Magic of Breathwork with Sage Rader

Mar 9, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


Sage Rader shares his journey through chronic pain and emotional trauma and how breathwork ultimately changed his life. He strongly believes that by sharing this knowledge with the world, we can save many lives during this crippling opioid epidemic.

Show Notes:
1:22 Welcome to the show!
1:46 Sage Rader's Bio
3:49 Sage's Story
4:21 World Record for breath holding
5:18 What happens when we hold our breath
6:05 Lauren's breathwork session with Sage
6:54 The impact of birth trauma
7:48 “Flow State” & Peter Litchfield
8:26 Changing the brain & physiology
9:17 Parasympathetic vs Sympathetic Nervous System
11:55 What can you learn from breathwork?
12:40 Mouth breathing & Ambulance calls
13:18 Physiology becomes Symptomology
14:08 Nose breathing
16:41 Why we don't know how to breathe efficinetly
18:10 The Opioid Crisis
18:59 Sage's experience with breath & pain
21:22 HACK'D Fitness & Biohacking equipment
24:06 Dose of Peyote as a baby
24:57 Breathwork, PEMF & Cannabis for Recovery
25:57 The Biology of Belief
27:17 His 2nd surgery experience
30:46 “Pneumanta”
31:48 Stop calling it “PAIN”
34:01 Biohacking saved my life and…
34:52 Practicing safe biohacking
36:19 Contraindications for breathwork
36:46 His vision for expanding breathwork in the world!
39:35 Brian Mackenzie, Belisa Vranich & Peter Litchfield
41:45 Get in the driver's seat of your own life
42:56 Helping the opioid crisis
45:07 Breathwork Training 
47:38 Tetany hands
48:25 Measuring pH & the impact of breathwork
50:35 How to get started with breathwork
51:56 Triggering the nervous system for safety
52:51 7 words to hack your nervous system
54:08 Fear & our current health crisis
56:40 Community & overcoming loneliness
58:35 Thanks for tuning in!

HACK'D Fitness
PEMF Therapy & Pulse Centers
LiveO2 Training
Good Breathing, Bad Breathing by Peter Litchfield
Brian Mackenzie – Human Performance Specialist
The Breathing Class by Dr. Belisa Vranich
Breath Mastery with Dan Brule



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