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42: Free Biohacks in Quarantine

Apr 27, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


Many people think of biohacking and picture someone using a red laser light up their nose, while standing in a cryotherapy unit and then using some fancy gym equipment like the ARX while wearing a HALO headset. While these tools can be great, they’re not necessary and should only be used once foundational practices and hacks have been set and checked off the list. Remember, we have to get back to basics!

1:22 Welcome to the show!
2:19 Shoutout to our listeners!
3:20 Debate & Controversy
4:47 Our #1 Biohack
6:23 Studies in hospitals: introducing nature
6:42 Hospital window story
7:43 Healing properties of the sun
8:26 Rhonda Patrick & Vitamin D
9:40 Pop-up hospitals
10:21 Water recommendations
10:51 Structured water
12:43 Sleep during quarantine
14:17 Sleep & hormones
15:08 Nutritional supplements
15:50 Supplemental biohacks
16:39 Eating weeds & growing your own food
17:48 Sprouting
18:13 It's not just WHAT you eat, but HOW you eat
20:05 The Blue Zone in Sardinia, Italy
20:38 Walking as a free biohack
21:45 Mindfulness in everything
23:03 Gratitude practice
23:22 Hacks & stacks for Moms
25:09 Renee’s favorite stack
25:44 Lauren’s favorite stack
26:52 Finding joy during this time
28:59 Next Biohacker Babes Challenge!
29:27 Thanks for tuning in!

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