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44: Concussions & Electrical Sensitivity with Dasha Maximov

May 11, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


Concussions: many of us don't even know we've had them, and can have detrimental effects beyond headaches and brain fog. Dasha Maximov shares her journey to optimizing her brain and overall health following multiple concussions, and shares her top tips for protecting yourself from electromagnetic pollution.

1:22 Welcome to the show!
1:39 Dasha Maximov's Bio & Story
2:48 How we met Dasha
4:25 What she’s been up to in quarantine
5:21 Exploration of how people react differently
8:21 Self-dependence & fasting in quarantine
9:08 Her history of concussions
12:48 Curing her own stomach ulcer
13:20 Leaving society for 3 months
14:29 Her experience with chronic headaches
15:20 Sleep issues post-concussion
15:58 Breaking down concussions
18:35 Post-concussive symptoms
19:18 The concept of “Doing less”
21:31 Sleep & Concussion-healing
23:01 Helpful supplements
24:14 The Omega-3 Protocol
24:46 “Air-bag” theory for brain protection
26:42 Her dietary changes post-concussions
28:39 Lauren’s experience with going vegetarian
30:52 Seafood & brain health
31:45 “SMASH” – Safe seafood
32:49 Testing for heavy metals
35:29 Supplementing with algae vs fish
36:10 Your brain's omega-3 ratio
37:08 “EHS” (electrical hypersensitivity)
37:55 Non-native EMFs
39:46 – Natasha’s Story
41:29 Other Biohacks for concussions
43:00 EMF Mitigation vs fear
44:11 “SAR” (Standard Absorption Rate) Study
46:12 The lack of research on cell phone safety
47:46 EMFs affect all of our cells
49:25 Dangers of EMF exposure & Children
50:35 Hacks for your home
54:22 Earthing 
56:00 The benefits of antioxidants
58:06 Myths & Truths about the sun
1:03:08 Heliotherapy & Solariums
1:04:09 WAVi Test
1:06:27 Continuing on with this episode
1:06:41 Thanks for tuning in!


When Brains Collide – Michael Lewis (book)
Earthing –  Clinton Ober  (book)
Defender Shield
The Earthing Movie
WAVi Test 

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