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100: How to Live to 100 and Beyond!

Jun 29, 2021 | Season 3


This week we're discussing increasing healthspan, not just lifespan! Your healthspan is the number of years you are living a healthy life, free of disease. By learning lessons from the Blue Zone regions of the world (where they have a high number of centenarians) along with the latest research in anti-aging and longevity, we can increase the number of our healthy years on this planet.

We are also celebrating our 100th episode and are so grateful to our amazing supporters and listeners!

3:12 What is aging?

4:17 Healthspan vs Lifespan

5:55 Why we start aging

6:25 How can we impact healthspan

7:49 Options for testing your biological age

9:29 Telomere testing 

11:10 Organic Acids Test

11:55 Genetic Testing

12:26 FOXO3 Gene

13:25 What causes aging?

14:30 DNA damage 

16:06 The Goldilocks Rule

16:21 Chronic inflammation

19:05 Glycation & Sugar

20:27 Biohack for AGEs

21:25 Quantification for blood sugar control

21:56 Methylation

24:17 Mitochondrial function

25:45 AMPK vs mTOR

28:35 Caloric restriction

31:25 Fasting biohacks

32:08 Oxidative stress & antioxidants

34:10 Estrogen metabolism on the DUTCH

35:01 NanoVi technology

36:30 The importance of optimism for longevity

38:15 What we can learn from the Blue Zones

42:05 Managing blood sugar

44:04 Taking advantage of hormesis

45:13 Meditation = Resiliency

46:17 Fasting

46:54 Exercise 

47:20 Our top anti-aging nutrients

56:02 Peptides, Exosomes, PRP & Stem cells

57:02 Intelligent exercise

1:00:28 Poor posture & NUCCA chiropractic

1:02:46 Mindset, gratitude & community

1:04:23 The Centenarian Olympics

1:08:02 Thanks for tuning in!


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