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114: Calming Nootropics for Optimal Brain Function l Dr. Scott Sherr with Troscriptions

Oct 4, 2021 | Season 3


Dr. Scott Sherr is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician Certified to Practice Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) and a specialist in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). He is the cofounder of HOMe-SF, the first HOMe clinic in the United states and also acts as the Chief Operating Officer of HOMe–USA, a nonprofit that is creating an online HOMe education course for doctors and healthcare practitioners. Dr. Scott is also COO of Smarter Not Harder, the for profit arm of HOMe/HOPe. SNH is the company behind Troscriptions, a line of buccal troches that aims to address the bottlenecks many face along the path to optimal health.

We had Dr. Scott on the podcast last summer to discuss Troscriptions' limitless nootropic, Blue Cannatine, along with the powerful benefits of supplementing with Methylene Blue. This week he's back to share the latest news with their new product, TroCalm. This novel formula contains Kava, CBG, CBD and GABA, in a buccal troche for optimal delivery. Whether you're looking to stay calm and focused during the day, relieve some anxiety, or boost your deep sleep, stay tuned for this exciting launch!


0:51 Welcome to the show!

3:18 Dr. Scott Sherr’s Bio

4:51 Welcome Dr. Scott!

6:51 What is a buccal troche?

9:52 The cannabis edible industry

11:33 Why it’s difficult to make troches

14:34 Troscriptions & Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe)

15:59 “Smarter Not Harder” brand

16:50 Blue Cannatine for optimizing brain health

17:04 Debunking myths about nicotine

18:21 The benefits of Methylene Blue

20:55 Just Blue formula

21:44 Lauren’s use of Just Blue

23:27 Combining light therapy + Methylene Blue

25:33 Lauren’s elevated respiratory rate

26:44 Oxygenation in the body

32:25 Staying healthy in New York City

34:05 The concern around being “too clean”

36:19 Supporting the rise in anxiety

38:26 NEW PRODUCT: TroCalm

39:33 A key ingredient… Kava

40:42 How to dose TroCalm

42:36 Sourcing high-quality Kava

43:08 Lauren’s experience in Hawaii

45:47 CBG (Cannabigerol)

47:25 CBD (Cannabidiol)

48:38 GABA neurotransmitter

49:20 What people are reporting with TroCalm

52:02 No psychoactive components

52:35 Checking your genetics for cannabis

53:23 Balancing THC with CBD

55:21 Building up tolerance to ingredients

56:40 Feedback loops in the body

57:16 Cycling off your supplements

1:01:22 NEW “Bluetropics”

1:02:37 Mitochondria, Oxygen, ATP & Energy

1:06:18 Hormetic stressors for improving health

1:09:16 Advice from Scott’s Dad

1:10:22 His final piece of advice

1:11:23 Thanks for tuning in!


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