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13: The OURA Ring

Aug 26, 2019 | Season 1, Uncategorized


The Oura Ring is our favorite biohacking tool so we dedicated an entire episode to this magical device. We have learned so much about our ability to recover and sleep optimization through this tool, and we have talked about it a lot in previous episodes, but today we dive deeper into the science and our personal experiences.

1:18 Welcome to Episode 13!
3:58 Why it makes you hotter
5:53 The science behind the OURA ring
8:21 More insights from the ring
11:26 Renee’s personal experience
14:43 CBD for Deep Sleep
15:00 Bonus tracking tip for women
16:00 Lauren’s personal experience
16:47 The importance of REM Sleep
18:04 A true Recovery Day
19:45 Sleep latency & Blue light
21:36 Alcohol's effect on Resting Heart Rate
24:00 How the ring can support your immune system
24:55 Renee's favorite OURA ring hacks
26:25 Are your blue light blockers working?
28:00 Lauren’s favorite hacks
32:56 Orthosomnia
34:04 Turn off bluetooth & use airplane mode
35:27 Q&A
37:49 Thanks for tuning in!

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Swanwicks & True Dark
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