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140: The Self-Healing Body & Frequency Therapies l The AmpCoil Device and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields with Freddie Kimmel

Apr 11, 2022 | Season 3


We recently attended the Biohacking Congress in Las Vegas, with all of our favorite Biohacking besties! We had the opportunity to interview our good friend and past guest on the show, Freddie Kimmel. He is one of our absolute favorite people in the world, and such an inspiring, and wildly intelligent human!

If you missed our interview with Freddie back in 2020, go back and listen to that episode for more of his back story and health journey, because we drop right into the power of the self-healing body and about the AmpCoil! He shares some incredible stories and analogies, as well as insight into how the human body holds the innate intelligence to heal itself.

Freddie Kimmel is a Biohacker, Functional Health Coach, and Host of The Beautifully Broken Podcast. He is also a proud survivor of metastatic Cancer, Lyme, and Toxic Mold. He on the leadership team at AmpCoil and works as a consultant for several wellness technology companies.

Freddie is passionate about education, the energetic body, and patient advocacy. His work helps human beings understand the integration of technology, lifestyle, and self care. He has been featured in, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, LA talk radio,The Late Show with James Corden, ABC television, and in Dance Magazine. You hear Freddie on Podcasts including the Lifestylist with Luke Storey and the Successful Mind with David Neagle.

Freddie has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from SUNY Brockport and in conjunction with starting has performed all over the country in Broadway touring productions of Phantom of the Opera, Billy Elliot and more!


0:51 Welcome to the show!

4:02 Hello from Biohacking Congress!

4:59 How he discovered true healing

6:30 The AmpCoil device

9:50 Developing intuition with tech

10:52 The Light Bulb analogy

11:38 “Bio-passing” our own trauma

12:35 Everything in the universe is frequency

14:38 Examining patterns of holding

16:01 Biological benefits of PEMF

17:04 Consistency for real improvements

17:49 How to let your body heal YOU

20:55 Lauren’s first experience with the AmpCoil

20:03 Story of the Father & baby with herpes

23:50 Frequency ranges of AmpCoil

24:30 Renee’s story about cancer healing

25:07 *Troscriptions Ad*

26:16 The “magic” and the “woo-woo”

29:17 STUDY of the monkeys & dopamine

33:09 The problem with mantras & affirmations

35:00 Freddie’s recent inflammatory flare

36:44 Transforming negative self-talk

39:17 His final piece of advice

42:11 Thanks for tuning in!


IG: freddiesetgo

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