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146: Thriving in the 21st Century with Dr. Russell Jaffe l East Meets West Synthesis to Take You From Surviving to Thriving

May 23, 2022 | Season 3


We had the opportunity to interview Dr. Russell Jaffe about his latest book, “Thriving in the 21st Century”. He shares his top health tips to go from surviving to thriving in today's world. He recommends completing 4 self-assessments at home and testing 8 lab biomarkers to begin your healing journey, as well as how you can start your kitchen, diet and bedroom makeover for a healthier life. 

Russell Jaffe is an internist, molecular biochemist, clinical pathologist, and diagnostician. Seeing an opportunity and clinical need for more bioavailable, highly effective, and advanced dietary guidance, he designed each PERQUE functional supplement using novel principles and concepts. The variety of outcome studies, case reports, and patents that are pending on PERQUE supplements attest to how unique the products are – front starting purity to production control; from ingredient synergy to cost-effectiveness; from value to outcomes results. 


0:51 Welcome

3:16 Dr. Jaffe’s bio

4:16 Welcome Dr. Jaffe!

5:22 Why are we so sick?

8:41 Eat well, move more is inadequate

9:38 How to avoid 80% of our toxic exposure

11:12 Simple strategies to optimize our health 

13:16 Concerns about fish & toxic metals

15:25 Consumers are waking up: GNC vs Costco

18:29 The 4 Self-Assessments

19:48 How to interpret these labs as a consumer

22:30 The reasons for these particular labs

23:15 *Timeline Nutrition Ad*

25:04 Measuring Inflammation

28:02 Is genetic testing worth it?

30:33 Addressing trans-generational trauma

31:29 Brain changes from meditating

33:15 Kitchen Makeover

35:15 Food Makeover

36:58 Bedroom Makeover

41:00 Personal Care Makeover

43:27 Eustress vs Distress

44:41 His final piece of advice

46:36 Where to find Dr. Jaffe

47:52 Thanks for tuning in!


Website: Dr Russell Jaffe

Book: Thriving in the 21st Century

Timeline Nutrition – code: BIOHACKERBABES

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