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151: Reclaiming Your Health with Hydrogen Water

Jun 27, 2022 | Season 3


In this episode, Dr. Paul Barattiero joins us for an eye-opening discussion around the powerful health benefits from drinking hydrogen water. He explains why this biohack is truly getting to the root cause of most illnesses and how reducing oxidative stress & inflammation is the key to health optimization. He shares fascinating research on the gut microbiome, levels of the hormone ghrelin, and the treatment of diabetes, as well as why we need to be consuming this on a daily basis.

Dr. Paul Barattiero is the Founder and CEO of Synergy Science, Inc™. He has been a pioneer and leader in the hydrogen water industry for 15 years. Dr. Barattiero has labored to bring to market cutting-edge, science-based, natural-healing technologies to facilitate detoxification, gut recovery, and reduced oxidative stress and inflammation as well as protection from radiation from EMF. You can find Dr. Barattiero featured in numerous tv shows and documentaries and has co-authored several books. He lives with his wife of 28 years and son in the mountains of Utah.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

4:15 Dr. Paul Barattierro’s Bio

4:59 Welcome Paul!

6:04 Why don’t most people know about hydrogen?

7:43 Why do we need hydrogen more today?

10:45 The quickest way to heal the gut

16:09 *MitoPure from Timeline Nutrition

17:56 Research on hydrogen & the gut microbiome

22:45 Its impact on ghrelin levels

24:51 Story about man with tremors

26:42 Using hydrogen with IBS clients

27:55 Hydrogen research on numerous health issues

32:30 Lauren’s client story on glucose regulation

29:12 The concern with other water filters

35:37 How Synergy Science filters work

37:25 The concern with drinking alkaline water

40:52 Coffee vs Hydrogen water

42:55 *Othership breathwork app

45:56 Story about Dr. Pompa’s dog

49:58 Cats drinking hydrogen water

53:50 How to drink it

55:58 The reverse osmosis unit

56:40 Frequencies & energy in water

1:00:07 His work with diabetes patients

1:03:04 His final piece of advice

1:05:35 Where you can learn more

1:06:21 Thanks for tuning in!



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