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162: Holistic Psychiatry and Reconnecting to True Voice l Transforming Mental Health & Humanity with Dr. Fred Moss

Sep 12, 2022 | Season 3


Thought leader and transformative psychiatrist Dr. Fred Moss joins the podcast for an inspiring conversation around what it means to be human and how to live an extraordinary life. He shares what is blocking many of us from our “true voice” and what is holding us back from being our authentic selves in life. Dr. Fred also provides insight into how conventional medicine may be perpetuating the problem and his perspective of how plant medicines may play a role in empowering people.

Dr. Fred Moss is a graduate of Northwestern University Medical School and a licensed psychiatrist who has served the mental health industry for nearly four decades. During that time he has consulted patients, practitioners, medical facilities, non-profit organizations, and community groups.

In 2006, Dr. Fred began taking a new approach with his patients, working with a chosen few to assist in reclaiming their lives from the clenched fists of psychiatric diagnoses and medication. Lo and behold, they reliably eventually improved, even to the point of their diagnoses actually disappearing. 

Dr. Fred has since dedicated his efforts to establishing his brand, Welcome To Humanity, as a “home base” for his work as a speaker, coach, and advisor as a “non-diagnosing psychiatrist.” He also is an expert witness, specializing in psychiatric malpractice cases, and often centering around atrocities that can occur behind closed (locked) doors in nursing homes, hospitals, prisons and jails.

Dr. Fred is the host of the inspiring Welcome To Humanity podcast, a show that explores what it means to be human and how to live an extraordinary life. He is the author of Creative 8: Healing Through Creativity & Self-Expression.

Dr. Fred is married to his dream partner, Alexandra, and lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in Northern California. He is the proud father of two beautiful children in Texas and is owned collectively by his 3 cats, Valentino, Despacito, and Winston.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

4:11 Dr. Fred’s bio

5:52 Welcome Dr. Fred!

6:42 What connects us as humans

8:23 The importance of listening

10:20 What is blocking “true voice”?

13:36 The 4-letter word holding us back

15:14 The greatest threat in the world

17:56 What is the source of losing true voice?

22:20 “The Creative 8” Book

25:15 Has the pandemic affected our truth?

27:59 The power of Authenticity

30:01 *Magnesium Breakthrough Ad*

32:50 How can psychedelics play a role?

36:22 Fearing the illusion of death

40:07 Do plant medicines need to be kept in their indigenous environments?

41:50 His hopes/vision for the Third Wave?

45:16 Wanting to know what’s wrong with you

46:53 Conventional medicine perpetuating the problem

54:31 How he became the “Un-Doctor”

57:32 Beginning our ‘true voice’ journey

1:02:15 Take a stand & join the community!

1:05:48 His final piece of advice

1:08:45 Thanks for tuning in!








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