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174: Conscious Consumption of Wine with Dry Farm Wines l Dirty Secrets of the Wine Industry and the Toxic Ingredients Hiding in Your Wine

Dec 5, 2022 | Season 3


We're thrilled to have Todd White, founder of Dry Farm Wines, back on our podcast! In our previous discussion in 2020 Todd shared a lot of the dirty secrets behind the wine industry and today we take a deeper dive on this topic. He explains why most of us feel terrible when drinking conventional wine, shocking statistics about the wine industry, the terrifying additives used in the United States, and his top tip for choosing a healthier wine when you go out to eat. This is a great opportunity to learn more about his company, Dry Farm Wines, which we both love because it's a great option for cleaner wine that is sugar-free, lower in sulfites, Paleo & Keto-friendly.

As the founder of Dry Farm Wines, a writer, speaker, and a leader in the organic/Natural Wine movement, Todd White has widely educated communities on conscious consumption. Todd is a self described biohacker who practices daily meditation, Wim Hof breathing, cold thermogenesis, a ketogenic diet, and daily 22 hour intermittent fasting. He is also a frequent speaker on topics including meditation, and the Dry Farm Wines unique company culture. Built on a foundation of honesty and peace, Dry Farm Wines has seen remarkable growth, making it one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S., without any debt or investors.

Dry Farm Wines is endorsed by many leading U.S. performance influencers with pure Natural Wines that are lab tested to ensure each bottle is sugar free (0-0.15g per glass), lower in sulfites, and lower in alcohol (under 12.5% alc/vol). The wines are friendly to low carb, Paleo, ketogenic, and low sugar diets. Dry Farm Wines is proud to be the largest Natural Wine merchant in the world, bringing awareness to Natural Wine consumption and supporting farmers who honor the soil.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

1:44 About Dry Farm Wines

5:44 Todd White’s Bio

6:40 How Dry Farm subscription works

8:18 Welcome Todd back to the show!

9:11 Why he loves wine so much

13:58 Renee’s experience with wine

14:49 Why you feel terrible when you drink conventional wine

21:09 *Silverbiotics Ad*

24:18 Mycotoxins, Molds, and animal products in your wine

28:45 Why it’s better for the planet

30:08 What spoiled the wine industry?

32:30 *Felix Gray Ad*

36:01 Why would the Govt mandate bigger distributors?

38:44 About Robert Mondavi

41:34 *Magnesium Breakthrough Ad*

43:24 Organic vs Pesticides & Herbicides

46:01 Why “natural” is BS!

50:54 Problems with the dental industry

52:07 Purpose of acute toxins in wines

56:10 Popular misconceptions: sulfites, sugar, alcohol content

58:32 Dry Farm Wines certification

1:02:38 The NEW bold reds!

1:05:38 Raisin App to find natural wines

1:07:37 How to choose at a restaurant

1:08:52 Why women have difficult with red wines

1:10:02 His final piece of advice

1:11:27 Thanks for tuning in!


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