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176: Peptides for Weight Loss, Energy, Inflammation, HPA Axis function, general wellness, and more l Peptide Therapy with Dr. Jacey Folkers of Get Blokes

Jan 2, 2023 | Season 3


In this episode, we had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Jacey Folkers on the hot topic of peptides! He is one of the co-founders of Blokes and ChooseJoi, which offer diagnostic lab testing, advanced peptides therapies, hormone optimization and lifestyle enhancements to offer a top to bottom approach to help people maximize their health and vitality. We take a deep dive on the use of Semaglutide for weight loss and blood sugar control, who it’s for (and not for!), how it suppresses appetite and food cravings, how the dosing works, and it’s potential for long-term use. Dr. Folkers also shares his top peptides for low energy, brain fog and chronic pain. 

Dr. Jacey Folkers is a doctor of chiropractic, functional medicine practitioner, author, and educator. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with a degree in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine studies. Dr. Folkerscompleted his Doctorate degree in Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College. He has completed postgraduate studies in areas of clinical nutrition, rehabilitative exercise, and functional medicine. He has owned and/or operated several clinics across the country that emphasized and specialized in areas of treatment including hormone replacement therapy, peptide therapy, regenerative medicine, weight loss, cognitive therapies, thyroid conditions, autoimmunity, diabetes, functional testing, and DNA testing. Dr. Folkers has worked with a wide variety of patients all the way from professional athletes working to increase performance to the everyday person with various chronic health challenges. He is the creator of his own methodology of treatment referred to as “The RISEN Method” in which he used to help countless patients reclaim their health with his unique functional medicine approach. Using a holistic and root cause approach, he addresses core underlying barriers to health which allows individuals to thrive and live their best lives. Dr Folkers is one of the Co-Founder of Blokes and ChooseJoi.  They offer diagnostic lab testing, advanced peptide therapies, hormone optimization and lifestyle enhancements to offer a top to bottom approach to maximizing health and vitality. He is a girl-dad to 6 amazing daughters, 3 grand-kids and also a husband to an awesome wife. And he loves Biohacking!!


0:55 Welcome to the Season 8!

2:40 Is this the magic pill?

3:53 Dr. Jacey Folker’s Bio

4:58 Welcome Dr Jacey to the show!

6:13 Why are peptides so popular now?

8:51 How do peptides suppress appetite?

11:28 Changes in hunger, satiety & cravings with peptides

13:11 Are there prerequisites for Peptide therapy?

15:06 Who this is NOT for

15:18 Metformin vs Semaglutide

17:25 Assessing blood chemistry & metabolic markers

18:57 Gut dysfunction in endurance athletes

19:45 What metabolic status is enough for qualification?

21:00 Timeline for dosing

22:35 *Silverbiotics Ad*

25:45 Are there long-term side effects?

27:23 Renee’s experience with The HCG Diet

30:02 How the dosing/dosage works

32:00 Lauren’s story about too much Semaglutide

33:15 How much weight can people lose?

36:29 The pillars of sleep & exercise

39:55 Case studies with contraindications

43:39 Peptides for energy & brain function

48:13 Micronutrient considerations

50:18 Peptides for Liver support & detoxification

51:40 Supporting HPA Axis

53:55 BPC-157 Peptide for healing

58:37 How people can get started

1:00:35 His final piece of advice

1:01:41 Thanks for tuning in!


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