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182: Sleep Breakthrough Optimization l Everything You Didn’t Already Know About Sleep Optimization

Feb 13, 2023 | Season 3


Our guest this week, Matt Gallant, spent $45,000 to optimize his sleep and is sharing what he learned with us. 67% of Americans report frequent sleep issues and 43% say that these sleep issues impact their daily activities. Sleep deprivation and poor quality sleep are major issues today, primarily due to the 7 sleep disruptors Matt has discovered. He shares his top biohacks to overcome these disruptors, the pros and cons of sleep trackers, what you need to know about melatonin, and a deep dive into the top sleep nutrients that went into his latest sleep formula.

Matt Gallant is the CEO and Co-Founder of BiOptimizers and has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. He’s been a strength and conditioning coach for multiple pro athletes, and a self-defense instructor, and has over 15 years of experience formulating supplements. He's also a serial entrepreneur that's built over 13 profitable companies. 


0:51 Welcome to the show!

5:02 Matt Gallant’s Bio

5:25 Welcome Matt

6:28 Why is sleep so important?

9:22 Sleep Disruptor #1: Light & Darkness

13:19 The dangers of light at night

15:32 More on light & melatonin

18:19 Sleep Disruptor #2: Temperature

24:33 *SilverBiotics*

26:08 Sleep Disruptor #3: Eating late at night

30:58 His thoughts on sleep trackers

35:18 *Sleep Breakthrough*

37:12 Sleep Disruptor #4: Blood flow constriction

40:15 How did our ancestors sleep?

42:00 Sleep Disruptor #5: Oxygen & Hypoxia 

45:35 Sleep Disruptor #6: Consistency & early sleep

48:25 The science behind different sleep molecules & ingredients

56:57 GABA, Glutamate & Genetics

58:46 How they create new supplement formulas

1:01:52 New Dream Optimizer sleep spray 

1:05:38 His final piece of advice

1:09:52 What’s coming soon from BiOptimizers

1:12:21 Thanks for tuning in!



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