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193: Optimizing Your Epigenetic Triggers – Your DNA, Your Life with Cee McDermott, Functional Genomics Coach

May 1, 2023 | Season 3


We are joined by Cee McDermott, a Precision Wellness Practitioner, who leads high achievers to wellness and enhanced cognition through epigenetic and lifestyle modifications. In this episode, we discuss the biggest variables for turning our genes off and on, specific genes for fat metabolism, the impact cold & heat therapy can have on our genes, psychedelics & genetic variants, tips for raising healthy children, the newest longevity research, the importance of mindset for overall health, and more!

Cee McDermott is a Precision Wellness Practitioner based in New Jersey. Cee focuses on preventing disease and optimizing lifestyle through nutrition, behavior change, mindset, and stress management. Cee is a Cognitive Health Specialist, a Behavior Change Expert, a Certified Personal Trainer, a certified Genomics coach, Kundalini Yoga teacher, the founder of Cee McDermott Genomics, and the author of the International Bestselling book Your DNA, Your LIfe. Cee currently runs the operations of Apeiron Genomics LLC and is continually expanding her genomic and epigenetic knowledge through education and personal experience.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

2:01 Pop Quiz of the Day

3:20 About today’s episode

6:12 Cee McDermott’s bio

6:56 Welcome her to the podcast!

7:37 What are the biggest variables for turning our genes off or on?

9:30 How to optimize Sleep Chronotypes

11:34 The CLOCK gene

13:30 FTO & APOE-3/4 genes & fat

16:15 How to get started with genetics?

19:51 Cold & Heat Therapy

23:21 Additional triggers of epigenetics

24:42 Exposure to dental amalgams

28:02 *Paleo Valley*

30:25 What early-childhood variables are important?

35:26 Psychedelics & Genetics

38:32 Renee’s story about THC

40:35 Apeiron’s genetic panels

42:01 New Longevity research

46:48 How will social isolation affect our children?

49:25 Renee’s story about kids in our family

50:25 Advice on supporting our children with tech

54:18 Renee’s story about the Blue Zones

56:45 Mindset advice in her book

1:01:55 How we share microbiomes

1:02:57 Her final piece of advice

1:03:43 Where to find her

1:04:14 Thanks for tuning in



IG: Cee_McDermott

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