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214: Creating Healthy Digital Habits with Tommy Sobel – Overcoming phone addiction & finding digital well-being

Oct 3, 2023 | Season 3


In this week's episode, we dive deep into the world of digital habits with the pioneering expert, Tommy Sobel (the world's first digital habits coach). Tommy brings his wealth of knowledge to the table as we explore the intricacies of phone addiction, building keystone behaviors, fostering phone smart habits, and the potential dangers associated with kids using smart devices. We also uncover strategies for establishing morning and evening routines that set the tone for a productive and balanced day. Whether you're seeking to break free from phone addiction, establish transformative keystone behaviors, or cultivate balanced routines, this conversation offers invaluable insights and actionable steps for a more mindful and intentional relationship with technology. Join us on this journey towards digital well-being in the age of smartphones and smart devices!

Tommy Sobel is the world’s first Digital Habits Coach, having helped thousands of busy leaders and high-achievers reclaim tens of thousands of hours of productive time.

Using his background in neuroscience and behavior reconditioning, Tommy trains smartphone users to improve their relationship with screens through coaching, proven systems and community, so they can reclaim 20+ productive hours each week, grow their business faster and enjoy more time off.

Prior to being the world’s first digital habits coach, Tommy had a career at DreamWorks Studios, where he assisted Steven Spielberg and became the first junior executive in their burgeoning digital department. Before the entertainment industry, Tommy worked as the key researcher and co-author of neuroscience studies alongside PhDs at Duke University and UCLA.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

1:11 Pop Quiz of the Day

4:16 About today’s guest

6:48 Tommy Sobel’s bio

7:45 Welcome him to the podcast

9:45 His realization with phone addiction

15:40 Keystone behaviors

19:56 Shame & judgment vs Curiosity

22:15 What is step 1 of change?

24:53 Joining the ‘1-Hour Club’

28:06 15 Phone-Smart Habits

29:30 Reducing “attention residue”

30:35 * Troscriptions Blue Cannatine *

33:36 Lauren’s attention challenges

34:10 Redirecting & creating new habits

38:09 Dangers to kids on smart devices

41:04 * Magnesium Breakthrough *

43:34 Lauren’s iPhone stories

45:32 Traumas around technology & devices

49:30 Creating positive relationships 

51:45 Creative opportunities for change

54:03 Morning & Evening Routines

56:45 Parkinson’s Law

58:44 Renee’s evening routine

1:00:49 Microdosing for behavior change

1:04:25 The Seven Planes of Existence

1:08:52 His final piece of advice

1:10:16 Where to find him

1:11:11 Thanks for tuning in!



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