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219: Alleviating Suffering, Optimizing Health and Being Intentional with HempLucid

Nov 6, 2023 | Season 3


In this insightful episode, we sat down with Chase Hudson, the founder of HempLucid, to dive deep into the world of cannabis and hemp products. Our conversation covered a wide range of topics, from Cannabis 101 to the fascinating intricacies of the endocannabinoid system, full-spectrum vs. broad-spectrum products, the critical importance of sourcing and quality, and even the emerging synergy between cannabis and functional mushrooms.

Chase Hudson is a founder of Hemplucid. He is dedicated to building a community of people looking for holistic solutions for a healthier lifestyle. He has a vision to help people elevate their health’. His mission to provide transparent and trusted products has led to his company being recognized by organizations such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and more. 

He lives everyday intuitively and adventurously, and aims to help others do the same. Chase Hudson started his career in the Fire Service. After 8 years in public service he decided to set out as an entrepreneur in 2015. Chase experienced the healing power of CBD and other plant medicines that inspired him to start HempLucid, a USDA Organic certified hemp-derived CBD company. Based in Provo, Utah, HempLucid has grown to become an industry-leading national wellness brand that has inspired thousands to take their health into their own hands. 

Chase and HempLucid invested in a passion project, the film Lamar Odom Reborn. During filming, Chase was introduced to etamine treatments as a modality for treating mental health, addiction, and other issues. Ketamine was so instrumental to Chase in his own healing journey that he wanted to make it available to the people at his company. With his Leadership team at HempLucid, Chase created a Corporate Mental Health Program that provides quarterly ketamine treatments in a clinical setting for interested HempLucid employees. Anecdotal (non-clinical) surveys indicate that these treatments have increased productivity and employees’ perceived well-being. 


0:55 Welcome to the show!

2:40 How we met our guest

3:13 Chase Hudson’s Bio

4:50 HempLucid GIVEAWAY

5:36 Welcome Chase to the podcast!

7:05 His journey into this work

9:53 Understanding the Cannabis plant

11:33 Why do we need these plants?

12:51 The Endocannabinoid System

15:48 Why was the hemp plant outlawed?

18:41 Consumers Guide: Full Spectrum vs Broad vs Isolate

21:27 THC-Sensitivity & Low-THC options

23:06 Anxiety with THC products

32:38 Synergy of full vs broad-spectrum CBD 

25:25 *Tro-Z Sleep*

27:59 HempLucid Sourcing & Quality

32:02 *Coast Health*

34:32 Toxins & dangers off commercial products

37:42 Functional Mushrooms + Hemp/CBD

41:15 Super Critical CO2 Extraction

41:57 *BiOptimizers Black Friday*

43:55 Who is CBD for?

45:45 Supporting inflammation 

46:18 The dark side of Cannabis

50:35 Smoking & Vaping

53:25 Corporate mental health program

58:30 Ketamine-assisted therapy

1:01:39 Why integration is the next evolution

1:05:07 His journaling practice

1:09:20 Present opportunities as humans

1:13:30 His final piece of advice

1:14:56 Where to find HempLucid

1:16:17 Thanks for tuning in!


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