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22: ENERGYbits with Catharine Arnston!

Nov 4, 2019 | Season 1, Uncategorized


We welcome our guest, Catharine Arnston, Founder and CEO of ENERGYbits! Catharine Is unbelievably passionate about sharing her knowledge and discovery about the power of algae! Find out why you and everyone you know should be eating this food for optimal health and longevity!

1:21 Welcome to our guest!
1:26 Catharine’s Bio
2:45 Catharine’s take on biohacking
4:02 The beginning of ENERGYbits
5:15 Listening to your inner voice and soul
7:48 How algae finally came to the U.S.
11:16 Functional foods
14:38 Why algae isn’t a supplement
17:25 Algae In the Japanese culture
18:15 Types of algae
19:22 Toxins from the ocean
20:02 The answer to world hunger!
20:14 Nutrient profile of algae
22:20 Spirulina – benefits & info 
24:54 Chewing ENERGYbits
26:03 Chlorella – benefits & info
30:08 Cleaning out toxins
30:57 “Mother nature’s gift”
32:15 Snacking on chlorella
34:25 How it makes you hotter (more benefits!)
37:54 When to take ENERGYbits
39:45 Algae and kids
40:08 Using ENERGYbits Pre & Post-workout
41:01 Algae and the Keto diet
41:49 mTOR pathway & cancer
42:39 Regulations and lab testing
50:36 Thanks for tuning in!

DISCOUNT CODE: sambiefit

Company bio
Founder bio
Speaker Profile
Three Products, box photos and bags
Why ENERGYbits algae is considered the best
Tips about bits – how and when to take your algae!
FAQ about our algae

Nutrition Charts:  BEAUTYbits (spirulina), ENERGYbits (spirulina), RECOVERYbits (chlorella), VITALITYbits (50/50 spirulina/chlorella)

Why algae is a food – not a supplement
Why the world needs algae
Why algae will be as big as CBD
Algae for chiropractors and practitioners
Algae for natural beauty from within
Algae for bone health
Prevent osteoporosis with algae-

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