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225: Navigating 2023’s Wellness Waves: A Biohacker’s Year in Review Plus What’s Coming in Wellness for 2024

Dec 18, 2023 | Season 3


Welcome to another episode of the Biohacker Babes, where we delve into the world of cutting-edge health, wellness, and biohacking. In today's episode, we've got an exciting lineup featuring highlights from the recent Dragonfly conference, a discussion on the biohacks that are making waves in 2023, surprise interview questions for each other, top biohacks for the holidays, a sneak peek into wellness trends anticipated in 2024, and more!


0:51 Welcome to the show!

2:39 In today’s episode

3:56 Dragonfly Conference

10:06 Biohacks we’re testing

12:51 Biohacks we’ve maintained

17:03 Getting cold in winter

20:08 Client Wins

22:37 *New Brew*

24:36 Weight Loss Resistance

26:59 Renee’s updated labs

30:31 *Stress Guardian*

31:44 Blood Chemistry & Parasites

33:11 Lauren’s low Readiness

39:04 Surprise Interview Questions

42:08 Biggest contributor to our health this year

44:19 Top biohack for staying healthy through the holidays

45:41 Mantra for 2023 vs 2024

46:50 Recap of our favorite interviews

52:24 Research Corner: Senescent Cells & Exercise

54:10 New Year’s Offerings

58:20 Thanks for tuning in!


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Ep 208: Hannah Went – Biological Age Testing

Ep 178 & 203: Deanna Minich – Power of Melatonin

Ep 188: Tah & Kole – Becoming Psychedelic-Informed

Ep 214: Tommy Sobel – Creating Digital Habits

Ep 212: Dr. Anshul Gupta – Healing Hashimoto's

Ep 204 Dr. Gene Sambataro – Sleep Disordered Breathing

Ep 197: Don Mosley – Optimizing HRV

Ep 183: Brendan Vermeire – Deep Dive on Mental Health

Lauren’s Blood Sugar Cohort – begins January 9th

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