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227: Understanding Mold Exposure & Risks with Jason Earle of Got Mold

Jan 8, 2024 | Season 3


In this episode, we sit down with Jason Earle, the founder and CEO of Got Mold? He shares fascinating information about the world of mold and its impact on our lives. He even sheds light on the role and purpose of mold, as well as the mystery behind that musty smell we're all familiar with. Our conversation extends beyond our homes as he addresses the issue of mold contamination in our food supply and what to watch out for. You will learn how to create a healthy relationship with your home as well as everything you need to know about mold testing.

Jason Earle is a man on a mission. An adoring father of two boys in diapers, incurable entrepreneur and indoor air quality crusader, he is founder & CEO of GOT MOLD?, and the creator of the GOT MOLD?® Test Kit. The realization that his moldy childhood home was the underlying cause of his extreme allergies and asthma, led him into the healthy home business in 2002, leaving behind a successful career on Wall Street. Over the last two decades, Jason has personally performed countless sick building investigations, solving many medical mysteries along the way, helping thousands of families recover their health and peace of mind. He has featured or appeared on Good Morning America, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, The Dr. Oz Show, Entrepreneur, Wired, and more.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

3:35 Jason Earle’s Bio

4:42 Welcome him to the podcast!

5:22 What is the role and purpose of mold?

7:43 Mycotoxins and musty smells

11:15 The first clue of mold growth

11:45 Changes to our buildings & homes

13:48 Did our ancestors have to deal with mold?

17:58 Exposure to VOCs and MVOCs

20:58 How does mold affect our detox capacity?

26:49 The challenge with air quality in cities

His personal mold story

33:05 The importance of relationship with your home

35:11 *New Brew*

37:09 Addressing personal toxic load

39:20 Problematic air purifiers

43:06 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

44:55 Food supply & Mold Contamination

52:30 Mycotoxins in Urine Panels

56:39 Do we all need to test our homes?

1:00:12 Trusting Your Intuition

1:02:00 Analogy: The Anatomy of Our Home

1:04:44 The genius of mold!

1:07:58 How and When to Test

1:09:19 GotMold testing

1:18:39 Comparing to ERMI & Mold Plates

1:28:40 Presence does not equal exposure

1:32:27 HIs finale piece of advice

1:34:38 Thanks for tuning in!


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