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250: Getting Out of Chronic Pain & Resetting the Nervous System l Understanding Pain Signals, Posture and Better Mobility with Vinny Crispino of Pain Academy

Jun 17, 2024 | Season 3


In this insightful episode, we sit down with Vinny Crispino, the founder of the Pain Academy, to explore the intricate relationship between pain and the nervous system. Vinny opens up about his personal journey with chronic pain, detailing how it shaped his understanding and approach to helping others. He outlines practical steps and strategies to rewire our nervous system, emphasizing the role of movement, mindset, and holistic care. Vinny provides actionable advice on how to break free from the cycle of pain and reclaim a life of comfort and vitality. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of pain, learn how to listen to your body's messages, and discover empowering tools to start your own path to healing. 

Vinny Crispino was an 8-time All-American D1 athlete with over 33 Colorado State swimming records before he broke his back during a surfing accident. Bedridden from pain and feeling defeated, Vinny discovered the power of Movement Therapy + Corrective Exercise and has since committed his life to supporting others throughout their healing journey. He has gone on to help thousands of people get out of pain and regain their sense of well-being. The message is simple: Movement is the key to healing. You already have all the tools you need.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

4:00 Vinny Crispino’s Bio

4:33 Welcome him to the podcast!

5:30 His relationship to pain

7:39 Renee’s history with back pain

9:06 Nervous System x Pain connection

13:29 His history as an top U.S. athlete

19:05 Reducing the pain tug-of-war

22:03 His second turning point

25:43 Learning to work WITH the nervous system 

29:03 Top tips to reduce pain

33:23 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

35:55 Understanding pain signals

41:54 Lauren’s shoulder issue

45:12 Knowing when to stretch, strengthen or mobilize

48:56 How to begin to get out of pain

55:33 Our workouts are making us weak

57:52 Training for a marathon

1:01:14 What is posture?

1:13:41 His final piece of advice

1:15:09 Where to find him

1:16:30 Thanks for tuning in!


Website: Pain Academy



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