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38: Stress, Eating & Surviving Isolation

Mar 30, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


We discuss the long-ranging effects of fear, anxiety and stress on the body and our Immune systems. COVID-19 has presented us with an amazing opportunity to strengthen and support our systems, face our anxieties and Insecurities that cause us to stress eat and over or under exercise, and cultivate a solid self-care practice that cultivates presence, gratitude and awareness. Learn our favorite hacks for overcoming self-sabotage and making the most of out #socialisolation.

1:21 Welcome to the show!
4:37 How to survive isolation like a Biohacker
5:34 What fear is doing to our bodies
6:25 The dopamine pursuit
6:53 How to address emotional eating
8:15 Nutrient-depleted foods
8:56 Snacking while watching TV
9:41 Importance of fasting/recovering from food
12:12 Renee’s grocery shopping hack
15:05 Our newest social media challenge!
15:57 Food hacks to control stress-eating
16:51 Using specific language 
19:18 Eliminating excuses
20:23 Identifying your “cheat” meals
21:24 Exercising during COVID
23:13 Finding your WHY during this time
25:37 Workout hacks to find balance
27:40 Join our next online BB Challenge!
29:15 Setting app limits on your phone
30:28 Handling your stress/fear/anxiety
30:42 Renee’s instagram sleep poll
34:00 Learning how to surrender
34:27 Our favorite stress hacks
36:25 EFT & Tapping
37:43 Journaling & Gratitude
39:27 Instagram LIVE healers
47:54 Our current isolation routines
49:30 Renee’s current supplements
51:05 The benefit of eating REAL food
52:47 Infrared sauna for COVID protection
55:50 Lauren’s current supplement
59:27 Thanks for tuning in!

LIVE Instagram:
@healerfrank – MEDITATION: 11am & 11pm EST daily
@sage.breath – BREATHWORK: 6-7pm EST daily
@marymhorne – YOGA: rotating schedule
Oprah & Deepak’s Meditation Challenge

Health Experts:
Dr. Klinghardt
Dr. Peter Attia
Chris Kresser
Wild Health Podcast

EFT & Tapping
Sauna Space

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