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39: Sexual Biohacking with Susan Bratton

Apr 6, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


Susan Bratton is an ardent sexual biohacker, and trusted intimacy wellness expert to millions. A champion and advocate for all who desire passionate relationships, she is considered the “Dear Abby of Sex”. Susan’s fresh approach and original ideas have helped millions of people of all ages and across the gender spectrum transform sex into passion. In today's episode, we present a thorough anatomy lesson on the female and male sex organs, as well as potent techniques to enhance your sexual vitality, build better relationships, and slow down the aging process. 

1:21 Welcome to the show!
1:30 Our special guest, Susan Bratton
4:37 Sex drive & libido in relation to vitality
5:36 “It all starts with poo”
6:14 Why detoxification matters
6:23 Different microbiomes throughout the body
6:58 Being susceptible to vaginal infections
7:51 Candida & yeast in women
9:01 Addressing nutrition for gut health
9:58 The Hormonal decline
10:29 Nitric oxide
13:27 Susan’s “Flow” supplement
14:16 Arginine/Herpes/EBV connection
16:25 KETO + NO Supplementation
16:54 Folate & fortified foods
17:52 MTFHR gene
18:28 High-quality multivitamins
21:28 Susan’s libido vitamin
23:44 Maca & Cacao
24:14 All about the vagina
26:08 How vaginal tone decreases over time
27:28 How male body parts diminish
28:33 A quick anatomy lesson
31:03 The real G-Spot 
32:02 Why hormones aren’t always to blame
33:47 How to achieve natural lubrication
35:15 Homologous parts (vagina to penis)
36:50 Self pleasuring 
37:10 30-Day Masturbation Challenge
37:59 Incorporating sex toys 
39:10 3-point “sexual stool”
39:47 Health benefits of sex!
41:41 Regenerative medicine for biohacking
43:42 PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) – P-Shot & O-Shot
44:25 Shock wave therapy (GAINSwave, FemiWave)
45:12 Red Light Therapy & the V-Fit 
46:43 Capillus Red Light cap for hair growth
49:56 How PRP works
53:35 “Orgasmanaut”
55:55 Lasers for internal tissues: RF & CO2
58:33 The Wing Lift
59:22 Avoiding “saggy” tissue
1:00:58 Vagazzle!
1:01:57 The Whopper
1:03:06  Self-care at home during Quarantine
1:03:40 13-Week Protocol
1:04:40 Hormone Replacement
1:07:14 Nutrition for good hormones
1:08:42 Thanks for tuning in!

Susan's Bio & Links
YouTube Channel
FLOW Nitric Oxide Booster Supplement
Libido Vitamin Supplement
vFit Device for Women
O-Shot and P-Shot
Wing Lift
Dr. Robyn Benson (Regenerative Medicine Specialist) 

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