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57: Alcohol-Free Lifestyle with James Swanwick

Aug 24, 2020 | Biohacking, Season 3, Uncategorized


James Swanwick joins us to share the incredible health and lifestyle benefits from living an alcohol-free lifestyle, along with his favorite biohacks for optimizing sleep and circadian rhythm. Fact: you don't need to be an alcoholic in order for alcohol to negatively impact your life! James explains how to calculate the true financial loss from drinking, and how you can socialize without alcohol, and why your party host doesn't care if you drink or not.


1:20 Welcome to the show!

1:31 James’ Bio

2:16 Welcome James!

2:54 Swannies Blue Light Blockers

5:15 The problem with blue light at night

7:29 Lauren’s experience with stage lights on Broadway

8:20 How light has changed our health

10:24 Candlelight & Melatonin

11:33 The impact of social conditioning

12:35 Renee’s sleep schedule

13:04 Lauren’s sleep chronotype & hacks

13:46 James’ sleep chronotype & routine

16:15 His journey to becoming alcohol-free

20:11 “You don’t need to be an alcoholic”

20:35 The sneaky ways in which alcohol affects you

23:56 Renee’s experience going alcohol-free

25:06 The success of the 30-Day Program

25:25 “Project 90” for Business Entrepreneurs

28:38 Quantifying alcohol & sleep with the OURA Ring

29:13 The health benefits of going alcohol-free

29:53 James’ goal to touch his toes!

31:03 The importance of tracking & quantifying

31:58 What you’re not generating (lost revenue)

33:28 The expense of getting sick

36:05 Doing the math on productivity gained

38:20 Social conditioning for alcohol & drinking

40:17 “Smiling Assassins”

43:17 How you can socialize without alcohol

45:07 The only drug you need to justify

49:22 Celebrities that don’t drink

54:52 Why AA doesn’t work

57:52 “Energy goes where money flows”

1:02:14 His one piece of advice for takeaway

1:03:36 Where to find James

1:05:38 Thanks for tuning in!


3-Day Challenge

30-Day No Alcohol Challenge

Project 90

Swanwick Glasses

Alcohol-Free Lifestyle Podcast

Oura Ring

RCVR Sleep Tincture – use code BIOHACKERBABE for 20% off

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