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74: Assessing Your Internal Fitness with Ixcela

Dec 21, 2020 | Season 3


Our guest today, Dr. Erika Ebbel Angle, is the CEO and co-founder of Ixcela – the Internal Fitness Company. Ixcela is the ultimate health assessment tool to deliver nutrition, supplement, mindfulness, and fitness recommendations. By assessing 11 metabolites, you will receive a baseline health score, along with a personalized health plan. Dr. Erika shares the importance of optimizing gut health when striving for overall health, why testing is so important, what these 11 metabolites found in the blood tell us about gut health and why we should all seek microbial balance in our lives.


1:21 Welcome to the show!

4:11 Dr. Erika Angle’s Bio

5:26 Welcome Erika

6:15 Erika’s health journey

8:18 The gut connection

9:18 The gut-brain axis

10:20 Renee’s experience with gut distress/anxiety

11:07 The many manifestations of anxiety

13:35 Using the test as a baseline assessment

14:42 Blood tests vs Stool tests

17:10 Measuring Tryptophan

18:06 Comparing Ixcela to urine tests

20:16 How the Ixcela test works

21:35 “Test, don’t guess”

23:24 Tryptophan, an essential amino acid

26:04 Serotonin & Leaky gut

28:30 Healing the gut

30:18 You need to know the why

31:05 The 11 metabolites on the test

33:23 Explaining the (gut) immune system

37:22 The Indole group of metabolites

43:16 Purine metabolites

45:51 The importance of testing

47:51 What does “higher risk” really mean?

50:12 “Things are constantly changing”

52:08 How often to retest

53:17 Renee’s Ixcela results

55:13 Matching test results

56:22 Interpreting & correlating the results

57:48 The importance of recovery

59:35 “Knowing is so important”

1:03:06 Seeking a microbial balance

1:09:42 Final piece of advice

1:11:52 Thanks for tuning in!



Ixcela Website

Order your test kit here – use Pro code: RENEEBELZ for a professional discount and for an extra 10% off through January 31st use code: TRANSFORM10

Ixcela Sample Report

IG: Ixcela Wellness

Erika's Ted Talk – Your Gut Microbiome

Book: Eat Dirt

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