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76: Stress, Adrenals & Cortisol!

Jan 11, 2021 | Season 3


Is chronic stress holding you back from achieving optimal health? Today we dive into the symptoms of chronic stress, how cortisol can inhibit weight loss and immunity, testing options to assess HPA-axis dysregulation, and our top biohacks to manage stress right away.


1:20 Welcome to Season 4!

2:24 Stress, adrenals & cortisol

2:59 Statistics on stress

3:52 Common symptoms of chronic stress

4:27 “Wired and Tired”

6:18 What is cortisol & it’s role in the body

8:13 “Cortisol Belly”

9:35 Exercise as stress reduction?

11:16 Adrenal glands

12:00 Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis

13:42 Chronic vs Acute Stress or Hormesis

15:50 Dr. Alan Christianson’s Adrenal Quiz

16:29 Different types of stress

18:52 Hormesis & Good stress

19:45 Environmental stressors

20:23 Stealth infections

22:04 Stress & Resilience

23:00 The perception of stress

23:59 Starting with the basics 

25:42 Check your stress bucket

26:04 Lab Testing options

27:20 Heart Rate Variability testing

28:14 “Working in” vs “Working out”

29:24 Lauren’s experience with chronic cardio

32:16 Balancing blood sugar

35:30 Hidden stressors for weight loss

36:10 The importance of testing

37:41 Other tips for stress reduction

38:39 Toxin-free lifestyle

39:51 Supplements for stress

43:31 “Test, don’t guess”

44:51 Coming up in Season 4

45:16 Thanks for tuning in!



Dr. Alan Christianson’s Adrenal Quiz

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BB Episode #19 – Troubleshooting Weight Loss

Organic Acids Test (OAT)

GI-Map Testing

OURA Ring to track sleep & HRV

DUTCH Testing – Email us for more info

Lief Therapeutics


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