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83: Personalizing Your Workout Plan

Mar 1, 2021 | Season 3


Overwhelmed and confused about how to put together a workout plan? In this episode, we sift through all of the elements of a solid exercise routine and the considerations for personalizing a program for yourself. Tune in to learn our favorite biohacks, our greatest struggles, and our best advice for getting started.


1:21 Welcome to the show!

2:03 The goal for today

3:20 Buckle up!

4:15 Motivational factors

5:15 “Getting in the flow”

6:53 Putting your plan on paper

9:24 Our top 3 questions

10:00 Charles Poliquin

10:43 What’s your GOAL?

12:03 Tom Brady’s routine

13:04 A bodybuilder’s labwork

13:54 How much time do you want to commit?

15:10 MED (Minimum Effective Dose)

15:38 Pamela Gold

16:35 How to condense your workouts

17:06 Setting up a milestone

17:52 How “milestones” can fail

19:27 How often are you moving throughout the day?

20:02 Calorie count moving all day vs one workout

23:23 Potential downsides to light activity throughout the day?

25:33 Lauren’s Golden Rule

26:30 Primal Pattern training

27:33 Using quantification for recovery

28:19 Connecting exercise and nutrition rules

29:21 Simple rules to follow


30:43 Govt Guidelines for health

32:17 Things to consider when making a plan

33:52 Sleep Chronotypes

36:10 Determining your Muscle Fiber preference

42:49 The Heart Rate Training Zones

41:43 Simplifying into 3 HR Zones

43:52 Piecing together a general plan

45:00 Creating balance with variety

47:14 Benefits of Exercise Timing

48:24 Morning exercise & EPOC

50:18 Biohacks for exercise!

56:05 No tech-required biohacks

56:44 Detox with “SPP”

57:31 Recap

1:01:15 Thanks for tuning in!


BB Exercise Plan Template

Sleep Chronotype Quiz


Braverman Test



Carol Bike

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