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95: Using Data to Support Healthy Behavior Change l Upgrade Your Wearables

May 25, 2021 | Season 3


Today we meet with Elias Arjan, the Senior Vice President at Biostrap, one of our favorite biohacking wearables on the market. The Biostrap provides the highest data integrity, captures biometrics at clinical-grade accuracy, measures your sleep cycles and syncs with your phone in a matter of a few minutes, so you will know exactly how ready your body is to face the day. While similar to other wearables in that it tracks your steps and resting heart rate, it goes further by testing heart rate variability, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and sleep efficiency. We discuss how Elias got into health improvement and the moment that he realized health was a choice and not just something you’re born with. There are various factors you have to consider when thinking about biohacking, such as gender, age, and current physical well being, before you decide how to approach your health and we talk about all of these factors here.

About Elias 4:06

Changes experienced when adjusting your health 9:39

The next step to his biohacking journey 12:16

Biohacking varies for men and women 22:20

The Biostrap 25:32

The special sensor 31:25

What metrics are the most important in the strap 40:56

Data throughout the night 52:21

“Biohacking can appeal to people who have OCD like tendencies, and then they get hyper militant with themselves, and they don’t have maybe the patience, or even the self love to be able to accept where they are and they get too obsessed with taking it into extremes.”

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