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97: The Female Fat Solution with Dr. Beth Westie

Jun 8, 2021 | Season 3


Our guest this week is Dr. Beth Westie, host of The Female Solution Podcast, and we discuss the concerns with female health solutions in today's world and tips to optimize our hormones. Modern styles, trends, and expectations of women and young girls often don't fit how women actually are and we discuss how we can overcome these social modern beliefs.

The number 1 reason women struggle with health and weight loss 4:21

Why clothes often don’t fit us 10:08

Advice for healing the negative self talk 15:25

When we need to start making some changes 21:50

Going to the doctor 30:05

Top tips for eating during our cycle 38:56

Why women are designed to store fat 43:51

Doing Harm 48:10

Beth’s opinion on fasting 51:56

Cultivating patience to change 58:19

When asked why women struggle with health, “It’s because we’ve been trained like men. It’s because all of our basic education on nutrition, on health and exercise and everything, and training. All of it was based off of a male body and we expect our own systems, which change every single week, to perform and execute everything, and have results like a male body, and we’re never educated fully on all the things that happen.”

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