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103: Sexual Trauma, Psychedelics, and Consciousness with Dr. Molly Maloof

Jul 19, 2021 | Season 3


Dr. Molly Maloof is on a mission to radically extend healthspan–the number of years free from disease or disability–and maximize human potential by promoting wellness lifestyles that generate optimal health. She is on the frontier of personalized medicine, medical technology, health optimization, and scientifically-backed wellness endeavors. In this episode, Dr. Molly shares the importance of working through trauma and controlling your perception of stress, as well as the major epidemic not enough people are talking about in 2021.


0:49 Welcome to the show!

3:29 Dr. Molly’s Bio

4:57 Welcome Dr. Molly!

5:51 Her journey from medical school to now

8:38 The latest in Silicon Valley health tech

9:42 The big debate on CGMs

11:05 How to begin trauma-work

14:03 Screening for trauma with patients

17:28 Renee’s story on “perceived stress”

17:57 Combatting stress & multi-tasking

19:48 Neurofeedback therapy

21:28 The epidemic we aren’t talking about

24:14 Other conditions related to trauma

25:53 Louise Hay on “deep pain and struggle”

27:25 Negative Self-Talk

28:13 How Psychedelics support the subconscious

28:56 How to learn more about plant medicines

31:15 What you need to know before doing a retreat

34:10 Screening patients for Ketamine-therapy

35:33 Where she draws personal inspiration

39:28 Creating a “biphasic life”

40:51 Her final piece of advice


Twitter: @mollymaloofmd 




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