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104: Getting Your Dose of Cold Thermogenesis

Jul 26, 2021 | Season 3


Are you ready to take the plunge? This week we're talking about all of the incredible health benefits of cold exposure and our top biohacks for incorporating it into your daily routine. You will learn about the different types of thermogenesis; how cold exposure impacts sleep, recovery & weight loss; Ben Greenfield's “Strike, Stroll & Shiver” protocol; other biohacks for cold thermogenesis; and the benefits of hot/cold contrast!


0:52 Welcome to the show!

3:32 The body’s two responses to cold

5:10 Two types of thermogenesis

7:12 What are the benefits?

12:54 The influence on brown fat (BAT)

15:25 Impact on appetite

16:12 How cold exposure affects sleep

20:00 Faster recovery from exercise

21:22 The post-workout / cold exposure debate

22:55 STUDY: Caloric increase with cold-water immersion

23:43 The Michael Phelps secret

24:57 *Four Sigmatic Ad*

25:49 Support for depression & mental health

27:03 Ways to get cold exposure!

31:30 Nitrogen vs Electric cryotherapy

34:20 *Kion Cold Challenge*

35:18 Ray Cronise’s Shiver System

36:08 Hot/Cold Contrast therapy

38:13 Additional cold biohacks

38:41 “Strike, Stroll, Shiver”

39:51 Potential risks of cold exposure

41:10 Important factors for optimal exposure

43:04 Adding in love & acceptance

44:03 How do we know if it’s working?

46:35 Thanks for tuning in!


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