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109: BeLovedNow l A 12-week Journey to Self-Love and Conscious Creation

Aug 30, 2021 | Season 3


We are blessed to share this powerful conversation with Rev. Laura Young and Rev. Cathy Whelehan with you. These incredible women are the co-founders of BeLovedNow, a growing community of women supporting each other in embodied practice, compassionate communication and spiritual growth. BeLovedNow offers a 12 week online program of healing and empowerment, a BeLoved Graduate Immersion Year, in-person workshops, and annual Retreats in Costa Rica.

All of the BeLovedNow offerings are grounded in embodied practice of the 12 Guiding Spiritual Principles. BLN practices include meditation, journalling, compassionate communication techniques, breath work, co-listening, and ritual/ceremony for trauma recovery and transformation. These Be-ing practices are emotional fluidity tools to live in alignment with core soul values for a passionately engaged life. Their work together is a rich coalescence of decades of education, training and lived experience, guiding hundreds of people home to their hearts and their own blessed knowing. 


0:51 Welcome to the show!

5:28 About Laura & Cathy

6:59 Welcome them to the show!

7:56 Co-creating as women

9:12 Cathy’s background

14:31 Renee’s experience with Lyme patients

15:56 How does a lack of spirituality affect our health?

17:12 Laura’s story about grief

19:25 The “container” analogy

21:36 Laura’s background

23:32 “Deepening into growth”

26:07 Compassionate Communication

29:11 Needs vs Core Values

32:33 What does spirituality mean?

36:24 The 12-week BeLovedNow Program

38:29 How to recalibrate when feeling lost

40:40 What made the pandemic so difficult

41:22 Cathy’s driving story

42:58 BeLovedNow practices

44:55 Supporting yourself to support others

48:49 Examples of Feelings & Needs

50:22 Masculine vs Feminine energy

57:48 Making a vow to yourself

59:08 Who is this program for?

1:01:28 Details about the 12-weeks!

1:03:44 Where to find them!

1:05:47 Final piece of advice

1:06:14 Thanks for tuning in!


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