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110: Breathwork, Psychedelics & Community l A Better Solution for Socializing and Healing

Sep 6, 2021 | Season 3


Robbie Bent is a leader in the mental health space, with the goal of making mental health more accessible. He's building Inward Breathwork, the world's leading breathwork mobile app and a network of healthy social spaces with sauna and ice bath classes. 

He's striving to make cold thermogenesis, breathwork and sauna sessions a social activity and the new “cool” thing to do on a Friday night. Join us for this incredible conversation about his journey back to health, the power of plant medicine and how we can make lasting changes to our healthy habits.


0:52 Welcome to the show

2:36 Robbie Bent’s bio

3:14 Welcome Robbie!

3:57 His WHY for healing

8:05 Seeking external validation

8:42 Becoming sober & finding plant medicine

10:14 How can we make lasting changes?

13:40 What are psychedelics doing to our brain?

15:26 Shadow & Trauma work

17:53 His experience with Microdosing

20:02 What he sees happen after health retreats

22:06 How to make change accessible to all

23:02 Releasing emotions with breath work & sauna

26:01 His new community healing space

28:12 Extending biohacking to the average person

29:33 *Kion Ad*

30:52 A better solution for socializing

31:20 Overstimulation & Dopamine Fasting

33:51 Transformational Retreats

36:02 Discovering his own healthy routine

39:11 His nighttime routine for optimal sleep

40:55 Getaway cabins on Shark Tank

42:01 Living in a stimulated-state

43:34 Will biohacking exist years from now?

45:40 Combining music with breath work

46:01 Inward Breathwork app

50:51 His final piece of advice

52:27 Thanks for tuning in!


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