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112: Q&A: Plant-Based Diets, Food Labels & Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Sep 20, 2021 | Season 3


Today we're answering your questions! And some rapid fire questions to each other! We cover how you can eat healthy on a plant-based diet, what you need to know for reading food labels, and our favorite alcohol-free drink options. Also, stay tuned to hear Lauren's wish for a new biohacking device, Renee's favorite supplement right now and our top 5 favorite foods.


0:51 Welcome to the show

1:33 What’s in this episode!

2:12 Q#1: How to eat healthy on a plant-based diet

3:37 Knowing your why

4:13 Resources for Regenerative Agriculture

4:55 Rule #1

8:05 “Plant-based” products & Fake meats

9:00 Article about Beyond Burger

11:03 Fake food & Sustainability

12:30 Lauren's experience at Bareburger

14:02 Rule #2

15:09 Prioritizing protein

15:43 Dr. Casey Means as inspiration

16:59 Approved meal-deliveries

17:23 Carb Cycling throughout the day & cycle

18:48 Testing your blood glucose with fruit

20:04 Dirty Dozen list

20:49 Importance of regular bloodwork 

21:25 Plant foods & heavy metals

23:13 Q#2: How do we read food labels?

23:37 Rule #1

24:28 Rule #2

25:35 “GRAS” label

27:47 Stats about packaged foods

29:19 Snacks on planes

30:51 *Thrive Market*

33:29 The Food Babe Resources

34:19 Key takeaways for reading labels

34:50 EWG Skin Deep Database

36:27 Q#3: ThreeSpirit Drinks

38:20 Seedlip Spirits

40:28 Our questions for each other 

40:54 Lauren’s wish for a new biohacking device

42:10 Renee’s favorite supplement right now

43:23 The upcoming Biohacking Conference

45:10 Infrared Sauna & Data quantification

46:20 Lauren's personal experience in 2021

49:12 Renee overcoming her fear of water

50:50 Our Top 5 Foods

52:30 Thanks for tuning in!


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