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123: The Dangers of GMOs & Glyphosate on our Health & Environment l GMO Activism and Rights with Jeffrey Smith

Dec 6, 2021 | Season 3


As a leading spokesperson on GMO health dangers, Jeffrey Smith authored 2 global bestsellers, directed 5 films, delivered 1,000 lectures and 1,000 interviews in 45 countries, trained 1,500 speakers and organized over 10,000 grassroots advocates. Jeffrey was the architect of a successful plan to achieve the tipping point of consumer rejection of genetically engineered foods. His work has influenced the behavior and health of millions of people worldwide. He is now sounding the alarm about the grave, even irreversible hazards from new genetic engineering techniques, which can lead to health and environmental catastrophes. He leads the global Protect Nature Now Coalition, urging governments to stop the releases of all genetically engineered microbes. 

In this episode, Jeffrey discusses the dangers of GMOs, glyphosate and Roundup, along with mindblowing research on the detrimental effects they are having on our health and our future generations. He explains why eating organic is one of the most important changes you can make and how to decipher confusing food labels at the grocery store. The advice he shares is inspiring that we can make immediate changes that will impact the health of future generations and our planet for many years to come.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

3:05 Jeffrey Smith’s Bio

4:02 Welcome Jeffrey!

4:42 How he first learned about the dangers of GMOs

6:12 Breaking down GMOs, glyphosate & Roundup

8:17 Glyphosate vs Roundup

9:48 Scientific research showing the toxicity in rats & humans

14:55 What’s going on with GMO regulations?

16:58 Problems at the EPA and Monsanto

19:10 Is our health and safety in best interest?

20:24 GMOs can’t feed the hungry world

21:50 Animals, pet food & GMOs

23:30 GMOs, children and fertility

26:05 Why you need to shop Organic

27:04 When were GMOs and Roundup introduced?

28:55 *Thrive Market ad*

31:33 What else can we do to avoid GMOs?

33:12 Dietrich Klinghardt on glyphosate & autism

36:12 Film: Secret Ingredients

37:14 The shutdown of detox pathways

42:59 The Shikimate Pathway

45:55 Kiran Krishnan on metabolic pathways

51:33 His current focus on microbiome

53:02 Zach Bush’s product ION Health

55:08 His thoughts on the Dirty Dozen

59:26 Crops & foods to avoid

1:01:03 Labeling regulations

1:05:23 His final piece of advice

1:08:44 Thanks for tuning in!


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