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124: Sipping on Beauty and The Broth l The Secret Ingredient to Better Skin, Gut Health, and Overall Wellbeing

Dec 13, 2021 | Season 3


Melissa Bolona, Founder & CEO of Beauty & the Broth, recognized the power of bone broth from the inside out; however, she felt that bone broth offerings were lacking accessibility and innovation. To fill this gap, Melissa took the matters into her own hands, dedicating 2 years to R&D, testing countless ratios and recipes in order to make sure that each batch of Beauty & the Broth tasted homemade and nutritious. It was during this time that she discovered that her recipes in concentrated form were the best and most optimal way to conveniently get bone broth into her customers' hands.

Beauty & the Broth is the first of its kind, beauty and wellness brand offering shelf-stable, direct to consumer bone broth that's care-free, convenient and customizable.

Melissa created Beauty & The Broth to introduce a direct to door model of bone broth, designed for anytime and anywhere, easy to assimilate into daily consumption, treating it like a cup of morning coffee. The single serve packaged, USDA organic broth concentrates with no preservatives are available for subscription delivery nationwide allowing one to take it on-the-go in the car, to the gym or even to the beach. From tighter skin elasticity to decreased brain fog, the benefits of the broth can be attributed to the simple, paleo, gluten-free, salt-free and keto-friendly ingredients, cooked by the brand’s signature slow simmer process. This unique process preserves the natural flavors, compounds, proteins and collagens which results in higher quality, more flavorful products and ingredients.

Melissa shared how bone broth initiated her journey back to optimal health, why bone broth and exercise are easy first steps everyone can take, and the incredible health benefits collagen offers. She truly believes beauty starts from within by optimizing gut, brain, and immune health.


0:41 Welcome to the show!

2:45 Melissa Bolona’s Bio

4:02 Welcome Melissa

5:11 The role of bone broth in her healing journey

7:24 Health benefits of collagen

8:10 Amino acids, leaky gut & immune health

11:01 Supporting skin health from the inside out

11:33 Bone broth as her “gateway drug”

13:23 How it helps her with cravings & brain fog

15:03 Beauty & the Broth’s easy packaging

16:53 Her high standards for high-quality bone broth

20:22 *TroCalm Ad

21:31 The DIY experience

23:19 Her concern with sodium

24:17 “You are what you eat”

26:48 Her 2 products: Chicken & Beef

29:08 The future of bone broth

30:18 Bone broth to-go

31:39 The difference in ingredients

32:28 Beauty & the Bark coming soon!

33:58 Who shouldn’t drink bone broth

34:59 Delicious recipe ideas

37:50 Where to find

40:09 Final piece of advice

41:56 Thanks for tuning in!


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