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128: Supporting Hair Loss with Peptides – Getting to the root cause & supporting hair regrowth

Jan 17, 2022 | Season 3


Jay Campbell is a 4x international best selling author, co-founder of Asier Custom and founder of the Jay Campbell Podcast. Jay is a global influencer who has dedicated his life to teaching men and women how to fully optimize their health while raising their consciousness. He is no-nonsense, authentic, and fearless in his servant mission of leading humanity towards the Golden Age. He is the author of a few ebooks, Burn Fat with the Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, Why Being Mindful & Spiritually Fit is Essential, and The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible. 

Whether it's about hair loss, boosting testosterone, or raising consciousness, Jay Campbell is an expert! He explains the biggest driver of hair loss and why the primary medical treatment is doing more harm than good. He shares his top tips to overcome your genetics and how certain topical products and nutritional supplements can help with hair regrowth. Jay has a peptide course launching in February to help spread the word on the powers of peptides and how more people can access them. Definitely follow Jay on social media to learn more about the amazing work he is doing!


:51 Welcome to the show!

3:05 Jay Campbell’s Bio

3:51 Welcome Jay!

4:41 His “why” behind what he does

6:35 The biggest driver of hair loss

9:40 DHT-inhibition as the primary treatment 

12:43 The #1 way to prevent hair loss & other tips

16:29 How he came across Carbon 60 & GHK

17:54 Genetics & Androgenic Alopecia

19:14 The launch of his products

21:02 How his formulas work

22:41 Why it works better for women than men

25:06 Tips for using the formulas

26:06 Microneedling & Dermarolling

28:15 Renee’s hair concerns

31:15 How peptides work with your lifestyle

32:38 The role of nitric oxide

34:58 His thoughts on Metformin & Dihydroberberine

37:58 *Coast Ad – Save 15% with code BIOHACKERBABES

39:27 The role of heavy metals, pesticides & chemicals

40:52 Learning about the dangers of mercury from our Dad

41:36 Light pollution is everywhere

43:35 The power of peptides

42:53 Jay’s peptide course

44:53 What are peptides?

53:43 The power of consciousness 

59:32 How to connect with Jay

1:00:21 Thanks for tuning in! 



For Jay's PDF “How to Stop Hair Loss” – email us at for a copy – Save 15% with code BIOHACKERBABES – Save 15% with code BIOHACKERBABES

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Jay’s Peptide Course – Coming FEBRUARY 2022



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