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131: Heal Your Hunger & End Emotional Eating with Tricia Nelson

Feb 7, 2022 | Season 3


Tricia Nelson is an internationally acclaimed author, transformational speaker, and Emotional Eating Expert. She lost fifty pounds by identifying and healing the underlying causes of her emotional eating. She has spent over thirty years researching the hidden causes of the addictive personality. Tricia is the author of the #1 bestselling book, Heal Your Hunger, 7 Simple Steps to End Emotional Eating Now. She also certifies health coaches so they can get better results, referrals and revenue by helping their clients overcome emotional eating. Tricia is the host of the popular podcast, The Heal Your Hunger Show and is a highly regarded speaker. Tricia has been featured on NBC, CBS, KTLA, FOX and Discovery Health.

Tricia’s own struggles began in early childhood, where she attempted to cope with life’s stresses and emotional pain by overeating and using other destructive behaviors. After years of exhausting 12-step programs, therapy and self-help books, to no avail, Tricia finally hit a spiritual and emotional bottom. Tricia attended Amherst College and began her career working at the Seattle Art Museum. While in Seattle she began working with a spiritual healer who helped her create a lifestyle of positive self-care, self-love and improved self-esteem. Tricia was able to stop drinking and overeating and has maintained a fifty pound weight loss for over 30 years now.

Tricia shares valuable information on why most diets fail, what's happening with sugar addictions and why comfort foods are so enticing. She provides practical tips so you can determine what type of emotional eater you are and how you can regain control over your health today.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

3:32 About today’s episode

5:28 Tricia Nelson's bio

6:55 Welcome her to the show!

7:49 Why do 95-98% of diets fail?

12:08 Valter Longo’s research on diets

12:58 Why comfort foods are so enticing

14:57 How does dopamine play a role?

16:22 The addiction to sugar

18:18 The root cause of emotional eating 

21:30 Observing eating behaviors

22:48 The P.E.P. Test

25:25 Over-Eaters & Guilt

27:21 Renee’s experience with food restriction

28:48 Emotional Eaters come in all shapes & sizes

30:08 Lauren’s eating rollercoaster in college

31:19 Tricia’s pain-point story

35:09 *Coast Ad*

36:51 Where do people begin?

40:41 The secrecy of emotional eating

42:52 The TV series “Physical”

44:10 Why you need to speak up for yourself!

48:50 The discomfort of self-care for women

50:05 What to do when we’re faced with the donut!

52:12 Healing addictions

54:22 Meditation practices

59:19 Her final piece of advice

59:47 How to find Tricia

59:56 Thanks for tuning in!


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