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133: Fasting Mimicking, Nitric Oxide, Plant Medicine, Minimalism & Clean Greens Powders

Feb 21, 2022 | Season 3


With so many fascinating topics in the biohacking world right now, we wanted to spend an episode discussing some of the latest scientific research, our current biohacking experiments and exciting upcoming news. We had a blast chatting about the fasting mimicking diet, longevity fast, mouth taping, a new blood test for colon cancer screening, nitric oxide testing, plant medicines and more!


0:51 Welcome to the show!

2:31 Numerology & 2/22/22

8:02 Lauren’s experience with Prolon

10:47 Renee’s experience with Prolon 

14:52 Lauren’s blood sugar response & digestive distress

18:22 What Lauren would do different next time

18:59 Daily Dose Longevity Fast 2.0

21:58 Final thoughts on Prolon

24:00 VIO2 mouth tape

28:11 *Coast Drink Ad

29:44 Renee’s experiment with BPC-157 capsules

32:36 Nitric Oxide

35:44 Lauren’s trip to Costa Rica & ThirdWave coaching program

42:16 Minimalism & Sustainability

43:32 Renee’s ketamine-assisted therapy through MindBloom

46:36 Blood test for colon cancer screening

48:50 PSA on greens powders

52:28 Dr. Anna Cabeca’s new book: MenuPause!

53:12 Biohacking Congress in Las Vegas

54:10 Thanks for joining us!



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Documentary: The Biggest Little Farm

Documentary: Minimalism

Documentary: No Impact Man


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