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134: Men’s Hormones, Peptides and Owning Your Own Health Journey l A Modern Approach for Men with Blokes.Co

Feb 28, 2022 | Season 3


Josh Whalen, CEO & Founder of Blokes, thought there had to be a better way than sterile clinics and subpar services in order to optimize men's health. Blokes connects you with licensed providers and provides customized treatments to support better focus, strength and recovery so you can feel like you again.

His journey to creating Blokes started a few years ago when he started feeling, well, old. He's talking low energy, lack of focus, a dwindling drive, and yep, some failure to launch. Every treatment he sought either gave him a one-size-fits-all approach or told him to accept this new normal. As you can imagine, he didn’t.

Failing to accept the norm wasn't new for him. When he was starting out, he was fired from more jobs than he could count. He was always pushing himself hard with larger-than-life goals for his life and career. So early on, he decided to become an entrepreneur and drive his own destiny. Now with Blokes, they're creating the future of men’s health care.

Josh shares valuable insight into what's missing for men's health today and how personalized medicine is key. He strives to help men through lab testing, healthy lifestyle changes, optimized dietary changes, hormone replacement therapy and peptides.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

3:30 Josh Whalen’s Bio

5:02 Welcome him to the podcast

6:24 How Josh got into this men’s health optimization

8:08 His first step to moving the needle

9:04 The effect on relationships

12:10 How he knew there was something wrong

14:15 Owning your own health journey

14:50 What is the barrier for men?

16:18 Main symptoms that bring men to Blokes?

17:34 Avoiding the “quick fix” mentality

19:07 Variables for optimal health

20:07 Why women make changes more easily

21:48 The Blokes Experience

23:05 *Coast Ad*

24:50 All about Peptides

26:37 SEMAX for Brain Fog & Immune Recovery

28:46 BP-157 for Inflammation

30:38 Thoughts on Semaglutide

32:39 Why you should work with a professional

35:13 Titrating & timing for peptides

37:38 Issues with regulating product

40:11 Josh’s story about colon cancer

41:23 His final piece of advice

42:57 Where you can find him

43:59 Thanks for tuning in!




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